B and E Site Preparation: Achieving Success Through Careful Planning Part One

B and E – The Importance of Site Preparation
February 8, 2018
B and E Services Site Preparation: Achieving Success Through Careful Planning Part Two
February 22, 2018

B and E Site Preparation: Achieving Success Through Careful Planning Part One

When establishing the groundwork for a construction site (site preparation), proper procedures are needed for the contractor to have an area that’s qualified for building. Contractors are on a strict, rarely flexible deadline in which they are required to have the project completed. Hence, time is of the utmost importance. Our focus is completing each requirement without cutting any corners while concluding as fast as possible. There are unique tools that are necessary when wanting to receive the highest possible results. These specialized tools alongside the latest in cutting-edge technology will give you top quality results.

B and E site preparation team are experts at cleaning your site swiftly and skillfully. Whether site preparation is needed for new construction or sale, we use secure, agile, tools and equipment that are safe for the environment. Our process is to follow these key factors successfully and leave you satisfied with your site being prepared.

The Removal of Unwanted Trees and Stumps

B and E also offers removing any nonessential trees, stumps, and roots as part of our services. There are instances in which trees can be left where they are or clipped to be part of the scenery for your business. Turning them into woodchips, logs, or firewood is also a pliable option we are more than willing to meet. The grounded woodchips may become part of the landscape. Likewise, the logs, firewood, or wood chips may be dissolved from the site.

Stump and root removal is vital in site preparation. If they are untouched, the decomposing organic matter might put the foundations of buildings at risk, corrode the area, or manipulate the soil level of the site. Our site preparation team of professionals will resolve the manner, selecting the best option for your site. The uneven soil levels can cause for walkway areas and outdoor terraces to have broken or irregular surfaces.

In most cases, stumps are uprooted with heavy unearthing equipment that pulls or pushes until the stump comes out. The tree stumps are grounded up, or removed from the site after they are dislodged. Alternatively, the stump can be grinded into the soil and filled with wood chips previously grinded and soil. A B and E professional will decide the best course of action when doing your site preparation. We can help you be proactive and preventative. Tree type is a factor examined when deciding what’s best for your project. Additionally, future issues such as mower damage and insect problems are taken into consideration as well. Therefore, removing the stump ahead of time can save you from future turmoil.

Our planning contains multiple parts. The above mentioned is part one of our process of providing you with the highest quality results for your needs. Stay tuned for part two of our “Achieving Success Through Careful Planning”.

Our mission is to provide superior quality at an affordable price. By using quality equipment for maximum productivity and efficiency. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience. By offering expert knowledge, and superior service. Behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won’t stop working until you like what we’ve done.


Call us today at 904-545-6906 or, email us at BandEservices@yahoo.com. We look forward to assisting you with your project’s goals.

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